ISO 9001:2015 + AS9120B


► High strength

► Light weight and low density

► Superior corrosion resistance

► Non magnetic

► Low thermal expansion

► Biocompatibility

Atomic Number


Atomic Volume


Atomic Weight


Boiling Point

►3260 °C/5900 °F

Coefficient of Friction

►0.8 at 40 m/min (125 ft/min) /

   0.68 at 300 m/min (1000 ft/min)

Coefficient of Thermal Expansion

►8.64 x 10-6°C


►Dark Grey

Covalent Radius

►1.32 A


►4.51 gm/cm3   (0.163 lb/in3)

Electrical Conductivity

►3% IACS (copper 100%)

Electrical Resistivity

►47.8 µohm-cm


►1.5 Pauling's

First Ionization Energy

►158 k-cal/g-mole

Heat of Fusion

►440 kJ/kg (est.)

Heat of Vaporization


Machinability Rating


Magnetic Susceptibility

►1.25x10-6 / 3.17 emu/g

Melting Point

►1668°C ± 10°C (3035°F ± 18°F)

Modulus of Elasticity

►14.9 x 106psi

Poisson's Ratio


Solidus/Liquidus Temperature

►1725°C/ (3137°F)

Specific Gravity


Specific Heat (at 25°C)

►0.518 J/kg °K,  (0.124 BTU/lb °F)

Specific Resistance

►554 µohm-cm

Tensile Strength

►35 ksi min

Thermal Neutron Absorption Cross Section

►5.6 barnes/atom


►9.0 BTU/hr ft2°F

Young's Modulus of Elasticity

►116 x 106 lbf/in2, 102.7 GPA



►ASTM, AMS, AWS, MIL, etc.

Sheet, Plate & Slab

►0.6mm and up


►0.005mm ~ 0.6mm

Bar, Billet & Ingot

►Dia. 4mm~760mm


►Dia. 0.6mm~4mm

Fine Wire

►Dia. 0.015mm~0.6mm

Welding Wire & Rod

►Dia. 0.1mm~3.5mm

Pipe & Tube

►Welded, Seamless & Industrial Tubing


►According to the Requirements.

Composite Titanium

►Ti/Cu, Ti/SS, Ti/Ni, etc.

Titanium Products

►Fasteners, Flanges, Castings, Forgings, Extrusions, Machining, Cutting, and Surface Treatment, etc.


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Sheet, Plate & Slab

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